In today’s second reading, Saint Paul insists in the unity that should be among Christians. We all should be united in the things we say and in the things we do. Our unity is important for us and for those who look at us as followers of Jesus.

The kind of divisions that may be among us are sometimes justified in our minds because of our preferences.  When people ask what kind of Catholic we are, we answer according to the things we like to do the things we like to do, the things we prefer, the things we identify with or the things we are more comfortable with.  But our preferences should never exclude the preference of others, since in the body of the church there are many members.  To be more specific, if you are inclined to social justice, that doesn’t mean that you should not support those more inclined to pro-life movement or those who work with children, because all of us share the same faith that needs to be manifested in all aspects of our society.

Also, the truth is that the gifts we bring to the church are all different and should be used for the well being of all in the place that will be more fruitful.

That division sometimes is based on a specific leader who is a person we follow or like. They are a great inspiration for us, but as St. Paul indicates in his letter, while it is true we are grateful, sympathize with them, or we like to work with them, we… belong to Christ.

We need to be reminded that even the work we do in the church is a specific one, or we follow the example of specific person. We are part of something bigger than our own work. The things we do go beyond our local community.  We are part of the whole church united in Christ leadership.

Every one of us should work hard for this unity and understand that what we do is not the only thing important in the church, but is one of the many things in the heart of our mother the church. The unity should be manifested in the respect and support for the work of others in the church. Without this unity, everything we need will lose its meaning.

Let us pray and work for the unity of our Community, for the unity of our mother the Church.


Fr. Sergio