Between my Hello and Goodbye the time has been all too short but so very enriching. I have experienced your generous acceptance and hospitality and witnessed a very vibrant Catholic community. It was a joy for me to have had the privilege of celebrating liturgy with you, supported by well-formed ministers and accompanied by great musicians. One senses a warm spirit upon entering your assembly and immediately feels at home. Your parish staff was a joy to work with. During my stay with you I saw the love of Christ in action in how you sheltered and fed the homeless, how you reach out to the needy via the members of St. Vincent de Paul, conference, visit the sick and elderly and feeding them The Bread of Life. Celebrating liturgy with the school community was such a joy. At my age it is so good to experience the energy and enthusiasm of kids. That experience was greatly enhanced last weekend when I had the pleasure of being with the candidates for Confirmation on their pre-sacrament retreat. At Camp Hammer, in the midst of the redwood forest, surrounded by those towering trees which shout out to God about the glory of his creation, I saw His grace at work among your children. My time with you has been a joy, and I am deeply grateful to Fr. Abe for inviting me to St. Martin’s and to Fr. Sergio for his welcome and kindness. This is a wonderful parish with two great priests and it was both a privilege and a pleasure for me to be among you even for such a short time. Thank You! Through the intercession of St. Martin may the Lord richly bless you.

-Fr. Vincent O’Reilly