Almost a year ago, we finished the pledge phase of our capital campaign. The results have changed since then, as some additional
pledges were made, along with a number of one-time donations; some others were not able to fulfill their pledges.

As of October 7, 2015, the total number of pledges is 499, representing pledges in the amount of $2,443,172.00. As of the same date, we have collected $886,318.50.

Thus far, we have spent $481,711.00 in the renovation of the Rectory , which is complete; Church expenses thus far are $304,137.93; we have spent $52,776.00 in the Gym and $71,346.00 has gone toward School Electrical Improvements. The difference between the funds we have raised and the above expenses has been paid from parish savings which will be repaid when all of the pledges are fulfilled.

Still pending are the following projects: the renovation of the Gym bathrooms, Air Conditioning units for the Gym. Due to required permits, those projects will be addressed next summer. Other tasks yet to be done:

-In the Church: the painting of the outside of the church, repairing the church roof , the baptismal font, and the entrance. We hope we can do this work before the end of 2016.

-Remodeling the Community Building to be done in the summer of 2016.

-Parking lot – possibly also in the summer.

All of these dates are subject to obtaining necessary permits and the loan we are seeking from the diocese. We hope and we pray that everything will be done according to our plans. You can see that we have done many things with your contributions; and many still need to be done. We could not accomplish anything without your support. For this reason, I would like to thank each one of you for your generous donations and encourage you to continue to
fulfill your pledges.