One of the mayor concerns and problems that people have is the question about evil. Where does evil come from, or why do bad things happened to us? Where is God when all those things happened? Our gospel for this Sunday states that “His enemy came and sowed weeds all through the wheat”, and that the master is waiting.

There are two kinds of evil: one is s product of the natural, like natural disasters, sickness, earthquakes, tsunamis, of which no one is guilty. They have their explanation in the nature of the World in which we live, and the law of nature.

The second one is the evil as a product of human actions: war, hunger, exploitation, hatred, etc. People like us who decide to do evil. We are not talking about the things that happened as result of an accident, but the intentional action of someone with full con- science who chose to do evil.

We all struggle with these same questions, trying to find an explanation. And we could find the answer not in the free will that was given to us at the moment of creation (explanation that you might study or heard), but in a deeper answer, and that answer is in the same Jesus.

Jesus is the answer for the problem of evil. To the question: where is God? The answer is Immanuel, He is with us, God is with us, even when we are not able to see him. It is through his teaching and his life that he proposes to us the answer. To embrace the gospel is the answer to the problem of evil. The way of the cross alone defeats sin, evil and death, for it leads to the radiant light of Christ’s resurrection and opens the horizons of a new and fuller
life. It is the way of hope, the way of the future. Those who take up this way with generosity and faith give hope and a future to humanity. (Pope Francis).

When we read the gospel with attention, we will find that every teaching, parable and action of Christ is done in order to show ushow to deal with evil. To those who suffer theevil of others, he proposes to us mercy andcompassion; to those who are sick, he curesand gives the company of those who care forthem. Finally, to those who do evil, to us personally, even to those who kill others, he offers forgiveness.  The answer to evil will never be anotherkind of evil, but Love. Because to the problem of humanity fallen state, God gave us his son as an offering of love, for the salvation of all. As St.John encourages us in his letter: do not imitate what is evil but what is good. Anyone who does what is good is from God. Anyone who does what is evil has not seen God. (3 Jn 1:11)

-Fr. Sergio