The gospel presents the image of two persons; in this life, one is poor and the other is rich. In the life to come, there is a reversal of fortune. At that, a question arises about which man is poor and which one is rich. I believe that it does not matter how many things we have, because it is not in our possessions that we have “real richness,” but in the appreciation of all that we have.

Looking at ourselves, we should realize our own richness, the things that make us rich, the life we have received. We cannot be rich if we do not value all that we have received. Remember that material things do not make us rich; rather richness consists in what we can share with others, that which lasts forever. Sometimes we do not have many things, but we have our family. It is the recognition of the gifts we have received in our families that make us rich, what make us feel like the most lucky persons in the world. If you do not have your own family, you have the great family of the children of God, your Church, our Church. Our community becomes your family, because we have the same Father.

This richness has another dimension, for even when we cease to live here on earth, our faith teaches us that we are members of the heavenly family. It is our faith that makes us realize how rich we are, because what we have now, “the real gifts,” will continue in that other – eternal – life.

Please look around, and see not what you do not possess, but appreciate what you have. Value them, care for them, love them, but most of all give thanks to God, because every single thing is a gift to you born from the Love God has for you.Then you will really know that you are rich.

My dear parishioners, in our community each one of you is the richness of our community, you are the gift of God.

Fr. Sergio