Dear Friends,

The film producer, Alfred Hitchcock is known for the tense atmosphere he was able to produce in movies. One evening, he was very disappointed when he saw the very small portion that was being served at a private dinner he attended. After dinner, the host said to him, “I do hope you will dine with us again soon.” Hitchcock replied, “Sure, let us start right now.”

Longing for food is more than a popular human pastime. In the first reading, the whole community of Israel complains to Moses and expresses their longing for good food. They have their freedom. However, the menu that goes with it offers very small portions and some hardships. In the Gospel, Jesus tells his pursuers that they are only following him because they have enjoyed the food that physically satisfies them.

Your longings will tell you “who you really are” and “where you really are.” There is nothing wrong with wanting to eat food. However, if one’s life is driven solely by this longing, then that affirms the person is not living life greater than  an animal.

What longings drive and direct you? Are they longings of the body like food, shelter, clothing, bigger house, better car? Are they longings of the gut, such as feelings, emotions and power? Are they longings of the head including pursuit of knowledge and information? Are they longings of the heart such as communion, relationships and love? In the longings that drive you and me, is there a priority for justice, peace, compassion and mercy?

Your longings will tell you “who you really are’ and ‘where you really are.” Who are you and where are you?

With love,

Fr. Saj