The Purpose of the Pastoral Council: is to act as stewards of the parish mission and to advise the pastor on practical matters of parish life. The council studies matters brought to its attention, reflects on them thoroughly, evaluates them and draws sound conclusions. The council presents these conclusions to the pastor in the form of recommendations.

Current Members:

Laura M’Guinness

Nathan Standifer

Arret Keita

Daniel Poo

Christine Deklotz

Dan Brady

Steve Lencioni

Jon Dickinson

Jim Bowen

The Threefold Task of the Council – investigating, considering and recommending conclusions – is called pastoral planning.

The Pastoral Council:

1. Develops, if one does not already exist, and communicates the parish mission.
2. Develops goals and prioritizes them based on the needs of the parish, the Gospel and the teachings of the Church.
3. Chooses the highest priority goals to focus on for a particular period of time.
4. Works collaboratively with parish groups to develop specific plans to achieve the goals.
5. Publishes and communicates about the plan to the parish on a regular basis.
6. Assists parish organizations to implement these plans.
7. Regularly evaluates results and measures success. For gathering input and establishing priorities, the council reaches out and listens to parishioners on an ongoing basis, e.g., by holding periodic town hall meetings.

Diocesan Guidelines for Parish Pastoral Councils in the Diocese of San Jose is in the link below: