SPEAKER SERIES at St. Martin of Tours Church


For over 2000 years, Christians have felt the sacredness of God through stories, stained glass, music, sculpture, drama, poetry, and painting. These arts speak to different age groups, learning styles and educational levels, offering a way to engage respectfully with a multicultural world. We are made in the image of a creative God; we are God’s artwork, and appreciating human creativity draws us closer to the Creator. We’ll explore visual arts, literature, and music in a context of beauty, where no interpretation is wrong. Then we’ll ask how our lives can be works of art.

Please join us Thursday, January 13, 2022 from 4:00pm-5:15pm in the church, via Zoom or Facebook as we listen to Kathy Coffey talk about “The Art of Faith”, inviting us to see with the eyes of faith and to see our own lives as unique and priceless works of art. Kathy Coffey is the author of many books such as Hidden Women of the Gospels, More Hidden Women of the Gospels (Orbis) ,and When the Saints Came Marching In (Liturgical Press). She taught for fifteen years at the University of Colorado, Denver, and Regis Jesuit University. She has won sixteen awards from the Catholic Press Association, the Foley Poetry Award from America magazine, and several others. She has spoken at national conventions such as the Los Angeles and East Coast Congresses, NCCL, NCEA and many diocesan gatherings. Her own spirituality has been shaped by 49 years of parenting and 10 years of grand parenting. A widow, the mother of four and grandmother of six, she lives in the Bay area, CA. For more information, see her website: kathyjcoffey.com.