St. Martin of Tours Feast Day Celebration

Whenever a parish is established or a church is consecrated a patron saint’s name is given. We are blessed to have St. Martin of Tours as our patron saint. The practice of adopting patron saints dates back to the building of the first public churches in the Roman Empire, most of which were built over the graves of martyrs. The churches were then given the name of the martyrs or saints, and they were expected to act as an intercessor for the Christians who worshiped there. Patron saints are not only advocates for churches, but also they can be the heavenly protector of a nation, profession, class, clan, occupation, family, or even a person.
It is proper and fitting that as a parish and school, we celebrate our patron saint. Taking this into consideration, the Pastoral Council, Parish Staff and parish leadership decided unanimously to celebrate the feast of St. Martin of Tours every year going forward.
This year, we will be celebrating the Feast of St. Martin of Tours on Saturday, November 6 within the 5.00 PM Mass. Kindly mark your calendar and invite your family and friends to the celebration. The Eucharistic celebration will be followed by a candle light procession and prayer before the statue of St. Martin of Tours in the parking lot. The scouts will be preparing a bonfire to warm us and brighten the area. There will be a festive meal prepared by the ICF for a minimal cost. You will have the option of eating outside under tents (tables will be set up) or taking it home. Hot chocolate and cookies will be free for all. We will also have a coat drive that day to support the poor and farmworker families.
As we start this new tradition, I request you to make this day solemn, prayerful, grace-filled, and communitarian with your presence and support.